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Photoionization of selectively excited barium and magnesium.

Paul Ewart

Photoionization of selectively excited barium and magnesium.

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Thesis (Ph. D.)--The Queen"s University of Belfast, 1973.

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  We investigate the photoinduced relaxation dynamics of Cr atoms embedded into superfluid helium nanodroplets. One- and two-color resonant two-photon ionization (1CR2PI and 2CR2PI, respectively) are applied to study the two strong ground state transitions z 7 P 2,3,4 ° ← a 7 S 3 and y 7 P 2,3,4 ° ← a 7 S photoexcitation, Cr* atoms are ejected from the droplet in various excited Cited by: 6. @article{osti_, title = {Relaxation channels of multi-photon excited xenon clusters}, author = {Serdobintsev, P. Yu. and Melnikov, A. S. and Department of Physics, St. Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg and Rakcheeva, L. P., E-mail: [email protected] and Murashov, S. V. and Khodorkovskii, M. A. and Lyubchik, S. and Timofeev, N. A. and Pastor, A. A.}, abstractNote. Does magnesium carbonate contain Barium Carbonate? Can I take magnesium carbonate together with Barium Carbonate? 14 Discussions on magnesium carbonate and Barium Carbonate on Treato. "Photoionization of Magnesium in the Relativistic Random Phase Approximation," P. C. Deshmukh and S. T. Manson, Phys. Rev. "Absolute Cross Sections for the Photoionization of the 6s6p 1 P Excited State of Barium," L.-W. He, C. E. Burkhardt, M Serbia, Book of Contributed Papers & Abstracts of Invited Lectures and Progress Reports.

  X-ray and Auger transition rates, transition energies, fluorescence yields, and nonradiative branching ratios are calculated for doubly excited 3 l 3 l ′ configurations of helilum-like chromium and nickel. The calculation has been performed using Hartree–Fock–Slater atomic model. Intermediate coupling and configuration interaction have been taken into account. The energies and widths are.

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Photoionization of selectively excited barium and magnesium. by Paul Ewart Download PDF EPUB FB2

Photoionization of selectively excited barium and magnesium Author: Ewart, Paul ISNI: Awarding Body: Queen's University Belfast Current Institution: Queen's University Belfast Date of Award: Availability of Full Text: Full text unavailable from EThOS.

We report the development of an intracavity-frequency-doubled VECSEL emitting at nm for photoionization of magnesium. The laser employs a V-cavity geometry with a gain chip at the end of one Photoionization of selectively excited barium and magnesium.

book arm and a lithium triborate (LBO) crystal for second harmonic : Shaun C. Burd, Tomi Leinonen, Jussi-Pekka Penttinen, David T. Allcock, Daniel H. Slichter, Raghavend.

Results are presented for the photoionization of the (3s, 3p:1P) state of magnesium, for ejected electron energies in the range to Ryd.

Dipole length and velocity matrix elements were calculated using a configuration interaction initial state wavefunction and a close-coupling final state wavefunction.

photo-ionization typically requires UV light (ˇnm for Photoionization of selectively excited barium and magnesium. book and is not isotope selective.

Here we use Photoionization of selectively excited barium and magnesium. book multi-photon excitation scheme in which the atom is rst promoted to an excited state and then subsequently photo-ionized by further absorption.

The rst excitation(s) provide isotope selectivity due to the narrow resonances Size: 4MB. The two-step photoionization scheme is used to determine the photoionization cross sections from the 6s6p 1 P and 3 P 1 excited states of barium.

In the first step, the barium atoms are optically excited to the 6s6p 1 P and 3 P 1 excited states by absorbing a single photon at nm and nm, by: Measurement of photoionization cross section from the 3s3p 1P1 excited state of magnesium M Rafiq, Shahid Hussain, M Saleem et al.-Measurements of photoionization cross sections from the 5s5p 1P1 and 5s6s 1S0 excited states of strontium Sami-ul-Haq, S Mahmood, N Amin et al.-Absolute photoionization cross section from the 6s6p 1,3P1 excited Cited by:   The photoionization Photoionization of selectively excited barium and magnesium.

book section from the 3s3p 1 P 1 excited state has been measured in the energy region from the first ionization threshold up to eV excess energy using a two-step photoionization and saturated ionization technique in conjunction with an atomic beam source and a time-of-flight mass spectrometer that enables the separation of the three stable isotopes of magnesium Cited by: The analyses given for the single photoionization of ground state magnesium by Hsin-Chang and Keh-Ning, of excited magnesium by Dae-Soung and, of isoelectronic Al + by West et al.

are relevant for the interpretation of the present experiment in the case of the single photoionization of P 3+.Cited by: 2. A schematic energy level diagram to measure the photoionization cross section from the 4p excited state of potassium along with the relevant excitation paths is shown in Fig.

atoms from Photoionization of selectively excited barium and magnesium. book 4s 2 S 1/2 ground state can be promoted to either 4p 2 P 1/2 or to 4p 2 P 3/2 state using a dye laser at or nm, respectively.

The first dye laser is pumped by the second harmonic ( nm Cited by: Replacement of sodium ions by cryptate (C) complexed barium ions in sodium dodecyl sulfate micelles studied by electron spin resonance and electron spin-echo modulation of 5-doxylstearic acid and N,N,N',N'-tetramethylbenzidine photoionization and by.

electrode surfaces will reduce the heating rate of trapped ions from the motional ground state. For isotope selective loading of rare isotopes, high loading rate is necessary to overcome the. charge exchange processes with the abundant isotope from the atomic beam [20] (for example, Ba in barium atomic beam).

Multiple Excitation Processes in Photoionization (J A R Samson) Atomic Structure Effects in Multiphoton Processes: An Experimental Perspective (L F DiMauro) Many-Body Interactions in Photoionization of Excited Atoms and Ions (F J Wuilleumier) and other papers; Readership: Atomic physicists or graduate students (MS level or above).

West J.B. () A New Approach to the Complete Photoionization Experiment for Strontium and Calcium Atoms. In: Campbell D.M., Kleinpoppen H.

(eds) Selected Topics on Electron Physics. Physics of Atoms and : J. West. The photoionization cross section of magnesium was calculated from 0 to approximately 4 eV ( au) above the first ionization threshold in both the dipole-length and dipole-velocity formulations.

The method of configuration interaction was used with explicit inclusion of autoionizing and continuum by: The photoionization cross section from the 3s3p 1P1 excited state has been measured in the energy region from the first ionization threshold up to eV excess energy using a two-step.

Photoionization of barium atoms in metastable states is experimentally studied. A production rate of 8×10 11 ions/cm is obtained and the ionization efficiency amounts to %. The experimental value is about three times as large as the predicted value, based on a theoretical calculation of the photoionization cross-section of metastable by: 1.

Measurements on photo-ionization of 3s3p 1P1 magnesium atoms Article in Journal of Physics B Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics 33(22) October with 30 Reads How we measure 'reads'. We demonstrated a simple method to photo-ionize barium atoms using nm diode laser together with nm UV LED.

It solved the bottle-neck problem of previous method using nm diode laser and nm N2 laser, whose ionization rate was limited by the repetition rate of N2 laser. Compared with previous method, it has advantages of high efficiency together with simple and cheap setups.

Photoionization,*fluorescence,*andinner3shell*processes. Muchofthelight(photons)!fromstars!ultimately!originates!fromthe!photon. emission!froma!particular!atomor Author: Brendan M.

McLaughlin, Connor P. Ballance. Selective photoionization by laser radiation is also a new and very efficient method of studying the spectral properties of atoms; for instance, for measuring the cross-sections of atomic photoionization from excited states, for studying high Rydberg states, by: VUV photoionization and dissociative photoionization spectroscopy of the interstellar molecule aminoacetonitrile: Theory and experiment Bellili A, Schwell M, Bénilan Y, Fray N, Gazeau M-C, Mogren Al-Mogren M, Guillemin J-C, Poisson L and Hochlaf M.

Through the use of selective precipitation and the knowledge of Ksp values, certain metal ions can be precipitated out. EXPERIMENTAL The Selective Precipitation of the Barium Magnesium Group experiment instructions were followed directly from the handout printed from the course website.

RESULTS AND REVIEW In the first step of the experiment, the ionization of NH4OH (a weak base). 1. Phys Rev A Gen Phys. Aug 1;38(3) Photoionization of magnesium from the excited 3snd 1D states to the doubly excited 3pnl 1F autoionization by: 2.

Download Richard N. Zare's publications as a Microsoft Word document or as a pdf. Jump to: In chronological order: 1. Zare, W. Cook, Jr., and L. Shiozawa, "X-Ray Correlation of the A-B Layer Order of Cadmium Selenide with the Sign of the Polar Axis," Nature().

Triple atomic beam apparatus, which consists of a well collimated atomic beam source, ion deflection electrodes and an ion detector, as shown in Fig. 6, has also been extensively used for the measurements of the photoionization cross section of the excited states [28,[44], [45], [46], [47]].Cited by: 1.

Here, electron correlations in ground and excited states play an important role in the photo-ionization process [1].

These features have been subject to recent theoretical [2–7] and experimental [8–13] studies. Investigations of the alkaline earth atoms have so far primarily focused on magnesium, calcium and barium atoms.

The photoionization cross-section and number density of the 3p 2P1/2,3/2 excited levels of sodium have been measured as a function of the laser energy using two-step laser excitation in.

J.L. Kohl and W.H. Parkinson, Measurement of the neutral-aluminum photoionization cross-section and parameters of the 3p 2 P° – 3s3p 2 2 S 1/2 autoionization doublet, Astrophys.

ADS CrossRef Google ScholarCited by: As materials of the filters are applied calcium fluoride, barium fluoride, sapphire, Suprasil and quartz. Pre is the IR. 6 C.p. f-crystals, 6 ill. The present invention relates to the field of creation of radiation sources, and more particularly to the development of radiation sources used for photoionization.

Linear and Circular Dichroism in Two-Step Photoionization of Barium Atoms p. Two-Color Spectroscopy of Neutral Lead: Observation of Even Parity J=0, 1, and 2 Spectra and its Analysis with Multichannel Quantum Defect Theory p. Study on Highly Excited States of Yb p. Hydrogen Atom Level-Mixing at Resonances in Strong Laser Fields p.

Results are reported of an experimental study of ehe optical properties of the plasma produced when magnesium vapor is irradiated by resonant laser emission (λ = nm). The spectral and temporal characteristics of the vapor luminescence were measured.

An additional laser source was used to study the kinetics of the plasma formation and by: 1. A new set of computer programs was developed to handle double-Rydberg 'planetary' states of barium and strontium, incorporating long range multipole interactions explicitly.

Finally, we studied triply-excited states of H(- -) in an attempt to clarify the question of whether such resonances exist. An improved photoionization ion mobility spectrometer is disclosed which utilizes a flashlamp as the source for ionization. A gas sample is introduced via a carrier gas into a ionization chamber which is part of the spectrometer cell.

Ionizable molecules contained in the injected gas sample are ionized by the ultraviolet light emitted from the by: Combinatorial synthesis methods allow the rapid preparation and processing of large libraries of solid-state materials.

The use of these methods, together with the appropriate screening techniques. Foley, B. Joalland, S. Alavi, A. Suits, “Mixed transitions in the UV photodissociation of propargyl chloride revealed by slice imaging and. Thermoluminescence properties of the Eu2+- R3+-doped calcium aluminate materials, CaAl2O4:Eu2+,R3+, were studied above room temperature.

The trap depths were estimated with the aid of the preheating and initial rise methods. The seemingly simple glow curve of CaAl2O4:Eu2+ peaking at ca. 80 °C was found to correspond to several traps.

The Nd3+ and Tm3+ ions, which enhance most Cited by: State-selective imaging of cold atoms David V. Sheludko,1 Simon C. Bell,1 Russell Anderson,2 Christoph S. Hofmann,1 Edgar J. Vredenbregt,3 and Robert E.

Scholten1 1School of Physics, University of Melbourne, VictoriaAustralia 2Centre for Atom-Optics and Ultra-fast Spectroscopy, Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn, VICAustralia 3Physics Department, Eindhoven File Size: KB.

photofragment velocity imaging technique. The spin-orbit ground- and excited-state Br(2P) atoms are state-selectively detected via [2+1] resonance enhanced multiphoton ionization (REMPI), whereas the cyclobutyl radicals are ionized using nm laser light.

The Br(2P 3/2) and the Br(2P1/2) atoms and their c. The Table of Contents for the book is as follows: * Laser Materials * Laser Site Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Ions in Glass * Spectroscopy of Chromium Doped Tunable Laser Materials * Spectroscopic Properties of Nd 3+ Ions in LaMgAl 11 O 19 Crystal * Spectral Study and μm Laser Emission of Er 3+ in the Y3Al5O12 Crystal * Author: Zhijiang Wang, Zhiming Zhang.

The invention relates to a process for the separation of one isotope from a mixture of isotopes, which comprises selectively exciting the desired isotope to an energy level at a distance dE below the ionization continuum by means of laser irradiation, said level dE being at such a distance beneath the ionization continuum that the excited atoms at this level can be ionized by irradiation with.

Spectrophotometric Determination of Magnesium, Calcium, Strontium pdf Barium Present in Pairs by Use of Tetramethylmurexide R. KOHN Institute of Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava 9 Received J A spectre-photometric method is described for the determination of magnesium* calcium, strontium and barium coexisting in File Size: KB.States, Vibrationally Excited States, of HD[subscript 2][superscript +] and Photofragment Branching Ratio D[superscript +]/H[superscript +] of the Final Predissociate States p.

Single- and Multiphoton Detachment Studies of Atomic Negative Ions near Threshold p. Photoionization of Singly and Multiply Charged Ions Following Inner-Shell.Photoionization of Magnesium Canadian Journal of Physics 65 ebook H.P.

Saha, M.S. Pindzola and R.N. Compton Multiconfiguration Hartree-Fock calculation of the photoionization of the excited Na 4d state Physical Review A38 () H.P.

Saha, C. F. Fischer and P.W. Langhoff.